An opportunity to comment, showcase and produce Subvertising within a blog seems a natural evolution to me. Growing up in a western culture but always with a questioning mind for the absurdities of the marketplace has landed me here.  Arriving late, or perhaps perfectly timed, in a University course has forced me to put a voice to my concerns for the culture in which I live. My journey so far – student, worker, artist, worker, artist, worker and student – has always had a background noise – What’s wrong with this picture ?  How can an artist contribute to the world and offer different perspectives for the masses ?

Hacktivism through amazing digital tools can offer a refreshing jolt…

At Submediavert, we’ll take a look…


2 thoughts on “Submediavert

  1. vynkalee says:

    Great topic. Look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. stepheno69 says:

    Thanks for your interest ! 🙂

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